504 Plan Articles

bullying and disabled children iep 504

Battling Bullying: A Guide for Parents of Disabled Children in School

Bullying harms. Empower disabled kids. Know your rights! #bullying…
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Processing speed disorders understanding them and getting support

Understanding and Supporting Processing Speed Disorder

Accelerate learning with Processing Speed Disorder solutions! IEP an 504 Help!…
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Language Processing Disorder: School Evaluations & Support

Language Processing Disorder: School Evaluations & Support

Oral Language vs. Written Language Disorders Oral and written language processing disorders and written language disorders can have profound effects…
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IEP Meeting mastery preparing impactful parental concerns

Mastering the IEP Meeting: Preparing Impactful Parental Concerns

Preparing for an IEP meeting? Craft impactful parental concerns – your child’s voice in the room. Share specific insights to guide collaborative decisions. Your concerns shape the tailored plan that ensures your child’s unique needs are met. Make your impact felt in the IEP meeting!…
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Behavior Intervention Plan essential guide for parents for behavior issues at school

Your Child’s Essential Behavior Intervention Plan Guide

It’s time to learn about behavior interventions and how they can help support your child at school.  As a parent…
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Dyslexia Accommodations for 504 plan or IEP

Revolutionize Your Child’s Dyslexia Accommodations

Discover the game-changing strategies for Dyslexia accommodations that can transform your child’s educational journey. Uncover the secrets to revolutionize their learning experience!…
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Michigan autism IEP checklist for ASD children

Autism IEP Checklist

Michigan Autism IEP Checklist – Your Key to Empowering Your Child’s Education. Discover the essential steps to ensure your child’s future is bright. Click now to learn more!…
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section 504 know the rules and what to do when rules are broken IEP 504 help

Section 504

The Power of Section 504: Your Guide to Special Education Rights. Discover the essential rules and rights every parent needs to know. Click to empower your child’s education!…
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executive functioning adhd executive functioning deficits in children

Executive Functioning ADHD

How Executive Functioning and ADHD Intersect. Discover strategies to empower individuals with ADHD through enhanced executive functioning skills. Learn more now!…
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Welcome to our Special Education Advocacy blog, dedicated to empowering parents with the knowledge they need to better understand and advocate for children with disabilities. Our collection of articles focuses on the essential aspects of Section 504, providing straightforward insights to ensure your child’s educational needs are met effectively.

What Is a 504 Plan? It is a vital tool designed to level the playing field for children with disabilities, allowing them to thrive in an academic environment. Learn more about what it can provide for your child.  

Navigating the Process can be challenging! Learn the process of obtaining a 504 plan for your child. We’ll share the key points to remember, so you can advocate effectively for the support your child deserves.

Understanding Your Child’s Rights Did you know Section 504 is a Civil Right? Discover the rights guaranteed to your child under Section 504. Learn how to ensure that your child’s educational institution is providing the accommodations and modifications they require, and what you can do if the don’t. 

Individualized 504 Plans Our expert articles will guide you through the process of creating an individualized 504 plan tailored to your child’s specific needs. We’ll provide practical tips to ensure your child’s unique requirements are met.

504 Plan vs. IEP: What’s the Difference? Confused about the difference between a 504 plan and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)? We will dive in and explain the differences and help you determine which plan is most appropriate for your child. 

Advocating for Your Child Advocating for your child is a crucial aspect of the special education process. We offer actionable advice on how to be a strong advocate and ensure your child receives the best possible support.

We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and practical information regarding 504 plans. With our blog as your resource, you can confidently navigate the world of special education and empower your child to succeed. Stay tuned for regular updates and helpful tips in our ongoing mission to support children at school. 

If you feel you need help navigating a 504 plan or IEP for your child, contact us today!