IEP Advocacy Services Pricing

IEP advocates make a great difference in getting the right support for your child at school.  With their knowledge, training and experience they know how the special education process works.  If you are interested in working with an advocate you are in the right place!  Student Advocacy Michigan offers hourly rates and a variety of discount packages to meet your needs.  Making an investment in your child's education is a big decision and cost impacts your choices.  

The cost of a special education advocate is significantly less than the cost of a lawyer specializing in education law.  Most advocates do not require a large retainer fee to obtain and initiate services as lawyers do which makes it more affordable for parents.  

Both lawyers and advocates assist with IEPs, 504 plans and related issues.  Most special education advocates provide the same services as attorneys with the exception of representation in legal hearings.  Michigan does not allow Special Education Advocates to represent clients in due process hearings.  Most situations do not result in due process requiring a lawyer.  If a lawyer is needed, we refer you to qualified counsel with experience in special education law.  

IEP Advocates cost and pricing

Take a look at our pricing below and select the best plan for your situation.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to talk!

If you are unsure what services IEP advocates offer, check out our Services page or Home page for more information.  We help parents through every step of the process with IEPs and 504 plans.  You don't need to battle this alone!  We are here to provide support, resources, guidance and representation for all of your special education advocacy needs.