Special Education Advocate Oakland County Michigan

We support families in Oakland County and across the state of Michigan.   Let us help you advocate for proper special education support at school for your child.  Don’t let another school year go by without the academic, emotional, behavioral and social support and services your child needs to learn and grow.  

Work With an Expert

Hiring an expert in special education and civil rights laws to be your voice can improve your special needs child’s educational outcomes at school.  If your child needs or has a 504 plan or IEP, we can help you get the best possible support and services for your child’s unique and individual needs.    Together, we can make this school year better!

Special Education Advocate Oakland County Michigan
  • Is your child struggling at school and you are not sure what to do? 
  • Do you think your child needs a 504 plan or IEP, but you don’t know the process?
  • Does your child have behavioral problems at school, and you don’t know how to get help?
  • Is your child on a 504 Plan or IEP and it’s not working well?
  • Are you sick of the school not following your child’s 504 plan or IEP?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, let’s talk!  Working with an education advocate may be the right solution for you!

School Districts we Serve in Oakland County

Avondale Schools, Auburn Hills School District, Berkely School District, Birmingham Public Schools, Brandon School District, Clarenceville School District, Clarkston School District, Clawson Public Schools, Farmington Public Schools, Ferndale Public Schools, Hazel Park Schools, Holly Area Schools, Huron Valley Schools, Commerce Township, Highland Township, Milford, White Lake, Lake Orion Community Schools, Lamphere Schools, Madison District Schools, Novi Community Schools, Oak Park Schools, Oxford Community Schools, Pontiac School District, Rochester Community Schools, Royal Oak Schools, South Lyon Community School District, Southfield Public Schools, Troy School District, Walled Lake Consolidated School District, Waterford School District, and West Bloomfield School District.

    Why Work with a Special Education Advocate

    Advocating for your child in the school setting can be quite challenging.  When a child is a different learner or has a disability parents need to learn how the process works to get the right educational and emotional support for their child at school.  The process is not easy for someone without knowledge in special education and related laws.  Parents are often left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because they are trying hard to advocate but they don’t always know what to ask for or the school refuses their requests. 

    Let’s Do This Together!

    If you want more for your child at school, it’s time to get serious and get some help.  Working with a special education advocate can help.  Student Advocacy Michigan serves families in all counties across the state including Oakland County.  We work with all school districts and offer representation for parents in addition to educating them on the special education and civil rights laws.  It is our goal to empower parents and teach them how to advocate for their child independently.  


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    Want to Learn More About Special Education Advocacy?

    Find out if advocacy is right for you.  For more information check out our Services and Pricing pages.   If you have specific questions or would like to speak with an advocate, contact us by email or call us at 248-372-9770.  We also offer evening and weekend hours so reach out! 

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