Working as a Special Education Advocate in Michigan and having a child on an IEP has taught me how challenging it can be to get the right supports in place at school for a different learner or special needs child.  The system is complex and involves many civil rights and special education laws which makes it difficult for parents to know what to do.  Don't fight this battle alone!  I work as a Special Education Advocate and serve families all across Michigan helping make this process easier!  Contact me today to get started!  Don't forget to check out free downloads, resources and my blog posts!

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Michigan autism IEP checklist for ASD children

Autism IEP Checklist

Recent data suggests 1 in 36 children has autism.  In Michigan, the number of autism students is almost 40,000.  If […]

section 504 know the rules and what to do when rules are broken IEP 504 help

Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a Federal Law implemented to protect the rights of those with […]

speech and language disorder in children get iep help

Speech and Language Disorders in Children

When parents are in school meetings for IEPs or 504's, it feels like the school staff is speaking a different […]

adhd and anger understanding emotions and adhd

Anger and ADHD

MY ADHD CHILD GETS ANGRY ALL THE TIME Does anger and ADHD go hand in hand?  Parents of children with […]

anxiety and adhd

Anxiety and ADHD: Which is it?

It is very common for children with ADHD to have other coexisting conditions such as anxiety. In fact anxiety and […]

ADHD facts

ADHD Facts: Related Conditions You Should Evaluate For

Here are some very interesting basic ADHD facts that changed my perspective regarding children with ADHD/ADD.  When dealing with ADHD […]

executive functioning adhd executive functioning deficits in children

Executive Functioning ADHD

ADHD can have many impacts on a child. Executive function are skills people use throughout the day to work towards […]

behavior intervention plan adhd behavior issues at school

When School Behavior is a Problem

People often ask me if it's possible to can get a 504 Plan or IEP for a child's behavioral problems.  […]

Education Advocacy 10 lessons learned

Special Education Advocacy

Becoming involved with special education advocacy is something I never expected.  It is far from many roles I have had […]