Specific Learning Difficulities

learning disability and iep evaluations

Unveiling Success: The Crucial Role of Assessments in IEP Planning

Find out more about evaluating learning disabilities for an IEP! Learn relevant laws and policies!…
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Processing speed disorders understanding them and getting support

Understanding and Supporting Processing Speed Disorder

Accelerate learning with Processing Speed Disorder solutions! IEP an 504 Help!…
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Language Processing Disorder: School Evaluations & Support

Language Processing Disorder: School Evaluations & Support

Oral Language vs. Written Language Disorders Oral and written language processing disorders and written language disorders can have profound effects…
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Behavior Intervention Plan essential guide for parents for behavior issues at school

Your Child’s Essential Behavior Intervention Plan Guide

It’s time to learn about behavior interventions and how they can help support your child at school.  As a parent…
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Dyslexia Accommodations for 504 plan or IEP

Revolutionize Your Child’s Dyslexia Accommodations

Discover the game-changing strategies for Dyslexia accommodations that can transform your child’s educational journey. Uncover the secrets to revolutionize their learning experience!…
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Michigan autism IEP checklist for ASD children

Autism IEP Checklist

Michigan Autism IEP Checklist – Your Key to Empowering Your Child’s Education. Discover the essential steps to ensure your child’s future is bright. Click now to learn more!…
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speech and language disorder in children get iep help

Speech and Language Disorders in Children

Understanding Speech and Language Disorders in Special Education. Discover how to support students with speech and language disorders to foster growth and success. Learn more now!…
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adhd and anger understanding emotions and adhd

Anger and ADHD

Understanding the Connection: Anger and ADHD. Discover the hidden link between anger and ADHD, and how it impacts children’s learning. Uncover strategies to help your child thrive. Click to read more!”…
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anxiety and adhd

Anxiety and ADHD: Which is it?

Is your child struggling with focus and restlessness? Is it anxiety or ADHD? Unravel the mystery in our latest blog post. Discover key insights on anxiety and ADHD. Click now!…
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ADHD facts

ADHD Facts: Related Conditions You Should Evaluate For

ADHD Fact: Unveiling the Hidden Links! Discover the often-overlooked related conditions you should evaluate for – a crucial guide for parents and advocates in the realm of special education. Click to unveil the connections!…
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executive functioning adhd executive functioning deficits in children

Executive Functioning ADHD

How Executive Functioning and ADHD Intersect. Discover strategies to empower individuals with ADHD through enhanced executive functioning skills. Learn more now!…
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behavior intervention plan adhd behavior issues at school

When School Behavior is a Problem

Is your child’s school behavior causing concern? Discover the power of a Behavior Intervention Plan in our latest post! Learn how it can make a world of difference in your child’s education…
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Unlocking the Potential: Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) can be challenging for both children and their parents. But with the right knowledge and resources, parents can empower themselves to better support their children’s unique learning needs. Our blog posts and resources are here to help you navigate this journey.

What are Specific Learning Difficulties?

SLD encompass a range of conditions, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD, which can affect a child’s ability to learn in a typical classroom environment. These conditions are not indicative of intelligence but rather differences in how children process and retain information.

Understanding Special Education Laws

Navigating the world of special education can be daunting. Our blog posts break down complex legal jargon into easily digestible information. We help parents understand laws like the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which outline the rights of children with SLD to receive appropriate educational services.

Getting What Your Child Needs at School

It’s vital to advocate for your child’s educational needs. Our resources provide practical advice on how to work with teachers and school administrators to create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan tailored to your child’s specific learning difficulties. We offer tips on effective communication and collaboration with the school.

Empowering Parents

Our mission is to empower parents to become informed advocates for their children. We provide resources on identifying SLD, recognizing signs, and understanding assessment and diagnosis processes. Our blog posts also feature strategies for at-home support to complement the educational interventions your child receives.

In conclusion, understanding Specific Learning Difficulties is the first step in providing the best possible support for your child. Our blog and resources serve as valuable tools to help parents comprehend SLD, navigate special education laws, and ensure their child receives the appropriate services and support in school. With knowledge and determination, parents can unlock their child’s full potential and watch them thrive.

If you are having a hard time with your child’s IEP or 504 plan, Contact us today!